Schindler in California, Selling Improv to Execs

Carol Schindler at a recent seminar.

Carol Schindler at a recent seminar.

Palm Springs, CA, TechServe Alliance Annual Conference, Nov. 14 –The presentation was entitled “Your Brain, Your Body, and Your Business: Trade Secrets from an Improviser,”  and the speaker was Carol Schindler, a founding member of Chicago City Limits and co-author of A DOCTOR & A PLUMBER IN A ROWBOAT: THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO IMPROVISATION.

Schindler spoke about how it is “in the present moment that we are authentic, intelligent and impactful and yet, it is difficult it is to stay in the present moment when are minds are full of needless thoughts.”

She added: “You know how to show up. You could not be in business if you didn’t. However, there are those times when we get lost in our thoughts. Our minds are busy thinking about everything but what is happening right now. Your body is here but your mind is thinking about a meeting you went to yesterday or wondering if your flight home is going to be on time. Showing up is more than having your butt in a chair. It’s about paying attention to what is going on in the moment.”

Schindler revealed what she called “the three trade secrets” for “staying present”:

Breathing helps a speaker or performing stay grounded in “your body and aware,” she said. “This helps us to focus on what is happening in the moment instead of spinning our wheels over thinking,” she explained.

Active Listening helps a speaker or performer to “connect with others. We take listening for granted when in reality to really listen we have to be focused. Here is what active listen looks like: we are fully engaged in listening and not thinking of a response; we are making eye contact; our body language is open and positive; we are generously giving the speaker our full attention. Yes, it is very active, hence the name.”

“Yes, Anding,” she noted helps a person to :agree and to add to ideas, suggestions, and situations that we may find ourselves in. It is saying ‘yes’ to what is happening in the moment rather than resisting what is happening. In this way we learn to build on the ideas of others. Resistance stops creativity and innovation.”

Schindler will be teaching a Monday class, from 7-9 in New Jersey, starting in January.

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