The Book of Improv

The book of improv.

It’s here!

The book that has been called “a document of our time,” by master teacher Rob McCaskill, and a book “for anyone who is is still on the path to knowledge,” by actor Mark Ruffalo. Veteran improvisers Carol Schindler and Tom Soter offer an essential guide to improvisation. “I wish I had this book when I was starting out!” says TV’s Hal Linden. 

A DOCTOR AND A PLUMBER IN A ROWBOAT, by Carol Schindler and Tom Soter, is for anyone interested in exploring how to have more confidence, be more spontaneous, and tap into their creativity. 

Aimed at improvisers and those who teach improvisation, the lessons in this book can also help actors, writers, teachers, corporate executives, producers, dentists, firemen, factory workers, goat herders, astronauts, social workers, magicians, accountants, manicurists, Ninja warriors, and, of course, doctors and plumbers. Improvisation can be helpful for everyone. Even if you don’t necessarily want help, it’s still just plain fun. 

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